Feminine mirroring the feminine

I had the privilege of working with many women in the last period and parts of myself mirrored in each one of them, at some point or another.

Women who live their life with joy and awareness.

Women who are overwhelmed by the multiple roles they have along the days.

Women who take care of themselves and their personal space.

Women who don’t have time to take care of themselves, as they are always prioritizing others.

Women who enjoy their body and their sexuality.

Women who feel shame and fear to show themselves.

Women who are mothers for their children as well as for their partners.

Women who disconnect from their partners to be only with their children.

Women who allow themselves to be beautiful and graceful.

Women who hide their beauty and their bodies.

Women who criticize themselves and others.

Women who hold other women in togetherness in good times, as well as in tough times.

I saw parts of myself in these women. Some I admired, some I envied, others I repelled in judgement, others inspired me.

And I felt shame and guilt for not being always “perfect” (?!), “”as I should be”, as many women that mirror me. For not being in every role with grace, freshness and beauty.

After I feared my own shame as being an illness that I must get rid of, I let myself be accompanied by another woman in staying and breathing with the shame. And I asked shame what she wants to show me. “What do you need, my dear?

I felt the answer as tears forming a lining in my throat. «To free myself» answered shame. And she settled, feeling relief.

The release of shame came by looking in the eyes of another woman, understanding ourselves, that we know how it is to be us, in all the complexity of our energy. And of our beauty, vulnerability and strength.

I realised that through the eyes of every woman it’s still me looking at myself.

How about seeing myself with all my beauty, strength and vulnerability? How about admiring myself, falling in love with myself? To allow myself to be beautiful, express myself, move, let my voice be heard.

When I let my voice be heard, I felt it rising from my centre, above the womb. I let it out and I modulated its vibration the way I felt it, without worrying about how it sounds and what will the others think of me.

By doing this, I felt my contribution to the balance in the Universe, to creation, to life. And the masculine joined me with his voice, harmonizing each other in togetherness.

Probably it won’t always be like this. My intention is to recall the body sensation, the power in my centre and the vibration in my throat, as anchors for remembering. And when I still don’t recall it, I have trust and compassion for myself. As one of my friends says :“I remain by my side”. Because I love my vulnerability and the gentleness that stems from it.

My message for you

Allow yourself to be beautiful and to enjoy being a woman.

What part of yourself do you like most?

Sit with it, look at yourself in the mirror, focusing on this part, caress it, be grateful that it’s yours.

Allow yourself to look another woman in the eyes, admire her, hold her hand in yours. Do you see her beautiful eyes? Do you feel her skin soft and smooth? Probably she feels the same in your presence.

Take your time and extend this moment when you are enjoying another woman’s beauty. You will fill your own inner jars of beauty, admiration, inspiration and femininity.

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Look your mother in the eyes. See her as a woman, with all her roles, all her fulfillment and mistakes.

How does it feel to do this?

If tears come, let them flow. Don’t even ask why you are crying. Just feel how the water is flowing on your cheek, clears your eyes and drops salty on your lips.

Breathe. Let yourself be held by another woman through your tough times. Feel the tenderness and the healing softness that rise from the authentic connection.

Move your body. Dance. Paint. Sing. Draw. Write. Allow the creation and creativity flow through you.

Let the thoughts of “I am not good at this”/”I don’t have talent”/”I am not doing it right” pass. Ask your mind to give a few minutes pause from these thoughts. You will come back to your mind soon and she can conclude how it was.

Just do what you are called to and notice how it feels.

Allow yourself to BE and to FLOW in your own rhythm. I am sure you will inspire other women to join you in your harmony, to BE themselves.

Each one at her own pace and rhythm.

I bow to you, woman!

I bow to myself, woman!

Cover photo: Mirroring, by Oana Răgălie

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